Cloudy Serve is a web hosting & Computer repair company based in Florida, serving world wide!

What do we offer?
We offer affordable Computer repair,Webdesign & Web hosting solutions.

Webdesign –
We have flat rate plans for webdesign so you know what your paying before you get invoiced, we work until the jobs done!

Multiple hosting solutions-
We have flexible web hosting plans & pricing for any budget or project!

Computer repair-
Rather you need remote help or come to the shop for a custom build or repair we can help you with any needs you might have.

Name your game tool-
The name your game tool allows you to choose & pay for what you need & skip the rest,if you do not see a plan or a price that fits your needs simply send us a detailed budget sheet of exactly what you need & how much your willing to pay for it,after review we send you an invoice based on your needs & set you up the way you need.

The name your game tool works for any services rather it be computer repairs,custom builds ,webdesign or web hosting.

All services come with there own guarantee days in which if for any reason your not happy with us we will happily refund your money!

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to learn more about our business simply send us a message or visit

Our Team

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Spencer Berggren


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Austin Roddy


Our History

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